Glossary of Terms

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Glossary of PSST Terms

ASR - Automatic Speech Recognition

EI - Elicited Imitation

OPI - Oral Proficiency Interview

Computational Linguistics

Forced Alignment - An automatic way of finding the timestamps in audio files where certain phonemes are spoken

Sphinx - CMU's open source NLP tool, typically used for speech recognition

Regular Expression - A sequence of characters that defines a pattern you want to search for


Open Source - the source code is open to the public which means anyone can tweak the code for an open source program as they like it

C - The C programming language. Very low-level and fast

C++ - An object oriented version of C. Still low level and fast

Java - An object oriented programming language by Sun Microsystems. Most used programming language in the open source world

HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol - A standard way of sending text across the Internet or network

FTP - File Transfer Protocol - A standard, faster way of sending files across the Internet or network

SVN - Subversion - A central place that keeps track of changes on any type of project, typically code projects

MySQL - 'My Standard Query Language' is a free database