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Welcome to the wiki for the BYU Department of Linguistics' PSST Research Group. Here you will find information about our past, ongoing, and future activities.

PSST is an acronym for "Pedagogical Software and Speech Technology". The principal focus of our group is to explore and expand the use of speech technology in language learning. We work with existing speech technologies, examine pedagogical needs for language learning, and design and develop improved technological tools (including speech applications) for language learning and testing.

Besides this principal focus, our interests have expanded to include such areas as: automatic assessment of oral language proficiency, simultaneous interpreter training, text-based essay scoring, speech interfaces to robots, vocal attractiveness, and using speech recognition in animal communication.

Our old project website is now obsolete but most of the content has been carried over to this wiki.



The following sections of this main page will be phased out as of 10.1.11:

"If you are a volunteer English EI grader, follow these links to our grading website and please read our Updated Grading FAQS. previously grading FAQS

If you are working on Japanese EI grading please follow this link to grade Japanese Grader"

A new subsection entitled "Grading" can be found below with all pertinent information, as human grading is no longer a top priority.


Meetings are currently held in 4068 JFSB (Linguistics Conference Room) on Mondays from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. (updated 22 September 2011). Meetings are open to all who are interested.

  • Note: We will set a meeting time on a per term / per semester basis

Upcoming Presentations

Recent Conference Presentations, Posters and Papers

Upcoming conference deadlines

  • NAACL/HLT 2012
    • Montreal, QC, Canada June 3-8
    • Submission deadline: 9 January
  • CALICO 2012
    • Submission deadline: 31 OCT 2011
    • Conference at University of Notre Dame Indiana June 12-16




  • Ben Millard
  • Meghan Eckerson Aitken
  • Hito Matsushita
  • Carl Christensen
  • Julie Morgan
  • Kevin Cook
  • Nathan Glenn
  • Utkarsh Mahajan




List of corpora available through the BYU Department of Linguistics


Here are links to the various publications (Bibliography:Publications), presentations (Bibliography:Presentations), theses (Bibliography:Theses), and undergraduate research projects (Bibliography:ORCA projects) that our project has produced. In some cases the items listed might duplicate items listed in other project wikis (e.g. the NL-Soar or NLP wiki) where interests and efforts overlap.

Here is a link to others' work on elicited imitation and other related areas (Bibliography:EI_(Public)).


English Grader: grading website

Japanese Grader: Japanese Grader

Updated Grading FAQS

grading FAQS

PSST Group

This PSST_Group is the private area of the wiki. Only PSST group members can access it.

To get on the group members list, send Dr. Lonsdale an email saying who you are, and asking to be added to the group list. You will then be emailed a username and password to give you reading and editing rights to the private area of our wiki.

If you are working for Minyhe please follow this link to grade Minhye's Grader